Xbox Live Gamercard Snippets

Some new snippets for RapidWeaver to share your Xbox Live Gamercard.

There are 2 snippets available so you can either use the official Microsoft gamercard or the more flexible gamercard from

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Stack updates

Our selection of stacks have just been updated with new and improved icons. You can download the stacks by viewing each of their preview pages.

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Search feature added (updated)

Just a general update to the site – there is now a search box just to the right of the website if you ever get lost and need to find something quickly.

Update: A few people have emailed in asking how the search box works. It’s powered by the excellent RapidSearch RapidWeaver plugin by Josh Lockhart ($15). The plugin allows the use of Google site search. Once used, a simply HTML form is created for the search box.

For Safari users, you’ll see a familiar OS X style search box with the ability to remember previous searches. Here’s the code from our search box that provides this ability…

“input class=”box” name=”query” type=”search” placeholder=”Search 2bitoperation…”

To find out how to customise the search, visit the RapidSearch page and view some of the video tutorials.

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New stack: Bananr

Another new stack for RapidWeaver and Stack users: Bananr.

Using and the lightweight BananAlbum flash slideshow, we’ve got another way for Flickr users to share their photos.

Check it out over at our Stacks page.

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LittleSnapper for iPhone now Available

The guys at Realmac Software have cause for celebration: their new iPhone app which is a portable version of LittleSnapper is now available! Click here to launch iTunes and preview the app.

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For anyone using the stack, there is now an updated version available. Currently, the stack uses feed2js to power the stack. We now have a local version of feed2js on our own server and have updated the stack accordingly.

To install the stack, just re-download it and place it in the Stacks folder. You don’t need to recreate your stacks, just re-publish the page.

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Get your Flickr ID easily

For those of you who use the Flickr Slideshow stack, the preview page has been updated with a built-in Flickr ID search box, powered by idGettr. Check it out here.

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Online Gaming

Bitcoins are becoming more and more popular as a payment and now you can play casino online is using bitcoins, and the first legit casino to allows customer to use bitcoins is Vera&John. They are an approved online casino with years of experience. And that they start to use the virtual currency can not be anything but an approval of how good it is.

Hopefully, more and more casinos and gambling sites will start to accept this currency now.

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